At Litmocracy we reward our writers for the best work we can find. We reward them with cash, we reward them by having illustrations created for their work. We even have some authors published, have some pieces turned into animations, and eventually will have some pieces turned into short films. We also find work for freelance writers. We are your one stop, democratic writing workshop. Also, by becoming a member and voting, you can win money and brain points as well, PLUS, it will help you find writers and pieces you are more apt to like. Litmocracy uses a democratic cooperative competition to identify excellent writing. You can check out the member’s workshop here.

To start with, we always have a writing and graphics contest for submissions into Literal Translations, our annual anthology. To be considered for publication in Literal Translations, your entry must get to the top of the list. Once you have signed up, you will be able to read existing submissions and add them to your ticket in order of quality. After adding five existing submissions, you’ll be able to post your own work. From time to time the top-ranked piece will be accepted into the next printed issue of Literal Translations.


This contest pays:

    • $5 for anything under 250 words.
    • $5 plus 1 cent per word for anything between 250 and 4000 words.


We have other contests as well. These contests are always free, so you can’t lose. No matter what, you get to compete and/or read the work of new and previously published writers. As a writer, you can’t beat the feedback. You can see how your work compares to that of others! We have no biased editor who makes sole decisions on what gets published and what does not, we leave the decision to the voting public, readers and other writers like yourself.

Who possibly could be more qualified as to what should be read?

If your work is good enough, you’ll get paid for it. Our memberships are free, all you need to do is register, and your sign up information is completely privacy protected. You can find out more about the site and sign up if you like by clicking the link to register.

Your free membership gives you:

  • Access to our writers’ forums
  • Influence over what we publish
  • Access to our members’ submissions
  • The ability to submit and win cash
  • Our newsletter
  • Access to all of our contests, interviews with artists and more!

Litmocracy hates bias, so we rely on all of our readers to identify quality writing and to provide helpful feedback to improve our site and our publishing wing. Litmocracy uses an advanced form of voting that avoids the divisiveness of politics and provides an excellent mental exercise, one we can all benefit from. Each time you indicate which of the two new submissions you like better, you earn one or more brain points. The more submissions you add to your ticket, the more brain points you receive.

Agents & Publishers: If you see something you like, please contact the author with your offer to publish it. We will promptly remove any submission if the author requests it.


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