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  • 99 Burning Lit - 99 Burning's frontman Don Eminizer has agreed to offer $25 for the best men's magazine story we can produce each month. Submissions will be accepted at Don's discretion and edited by him. The final piece will be around 500 words.
  • Short Story - Humor, drama, fantasy, and adventure. All kinds of short fiction are welcome.
  • Poetry/Lyrics - It's not difficult
    Letting poetics provide
    Your thoughts with structure

Here are all our Humor/Satire submissions

The Bomb by Diana C
In Short Order by Prometheus
Shingles Rash and Ernie’s Bash by Prometheus
The 21st Century Dilemma: Housework Is Easier Thanks To technology And I still Hate It, Part 3 by 12mimi22
The 21st Century Dilemma: Housework Is Easier Thanks To Technology And I still Hate It-Part 2 by 12mimi22
How To Hide Your Mess Quickly When You’re Being Invaded By Unexpected Company by 12mimi22
The Conversation Piece by witchbitch
Recipes Sought for Cooking Laptops by Prometheus
The First Thanksgiving by tobiash
Something Missing by julianyway
A Star is Born! by Prometheus
Gadgets Going Bump! by Prometheus
Porch Rockers by tobiash
Fire by tobiash
Blang! by tobiash
Quaddifi Surrenders: Agrees to Celebrity Makeover. by Green Fingered Skinner
Fools on the Hill by Green Fingered Skinner
Kismet by Green Fingered Skinner
Iran’s New Lethal Weapon Is a Gas by Green Fingered Skinner
Grandpa Willey to Host “Bailout America” Telethon by Green Fingered Skinner
Why all candidates suck… by deminizer
Gaddafi Surrenders: Agrees to Makeover by Green Fingered Skinner
Giant Prehistoric Shrimp Discovered by Green Fingered Skinner
Failure to post by Green Fingered Skinner
Monkey Shines by tobiash
Email from Hell by deminizer
RU Afrayd 2 TEXT? by Rreed423
Author Bios Made Simple by Prometheus
Why Eid Falls on Different Dates? by Prometheus
Waters of the Daymares by Prometheus
Wolumbin the Hero by qldwheels
Simpliciteness by StarLizard
Fugitive Fat Man Apprehended by Green Fingered Skinner
Kinya’s Dragon by Trikky
Jeopardy! by Rreed423
The Great Cat Debate by Rreed423
The R Word by Rreed423
In His Image by Rreed423
Selling the Idea by julianyway
Everything You Need to Know About Cooking by Rreed423
Stupid by Rreed423
The Events by Rreed423
The Avvy by Sheila Murdock
Removed by Piva
Pretty Rights by Rreed423
My Die-As-You-Like Policy by Prometheus
Gaydar by Rreed423
Soul for Sale by Rreed423
I Got Into Kranker Doppelpunkt And You Didn’t by Rreed423
Hip Hop Feud Ending by Rreed423
My Kitty is So Cute! by Rreed423
The Bible for Office Workers by Rreed423
Size Ten and a Bit by littlewhitewolf
A History of How Words Came To Be and a Few Words on Why by Green Fingered Skinner
I, Smarticus by Green Fingered Skinner
Something Cookin’ by julianyway
This is for All the Heroes by ponchodia
The Gauntlet by julianyway
In search of the G Spot by littlewhitewolf
Words by Darren
decisions in the square by littlewhitewolf
Jenny and the Milk by meredithqualls
Tales of a trip to NYC… by SamUK
Rachel Poulter and the Insurmountable Dilemma by SamUK
Dear Software Companies, by Dave Scotese
can I get paid for writing gooder? by deminizer
Peggie by Robert Levin
Andy on immigration by balefire22
I love this country! by balefire22
The Value of Face Value: The Parody by dietymaster
An Open Letter to Cheyenne by C.H. Campbell
Paragons of Faith by Prometheus
A Fan Letter by Dave Scotese
The unbearable lightness of collecting by Nordan
Dream on, Baby… by Leserin
Community Improvement by Captain Vegetable
History Test by aardvark
Goo On My Son! by aardvark
Letters from a Parallel Universe by Dave Scotese
Holy Smokin’ Bowls Of Dogfood by Niteshade
Bananas and Tomatoes by Dave Scotese
Digit by Captain Vegetable
reality by talonsmom