Monday, March 01, 2010

Author Bios Made Simple

Category: Humor/Satire

Software-generated author bios are quicker to create and they only have minor errors. Here is an example:

Kiki Davenport is an Aussie-American plot next to Literary Pursuits in the Land of Betrayal. After contracting breast amnesia, cancer fell a victim to Kiki. Since then, she has committed to publishing garden vegetation and nurturing self-help articles. Kiki has published two husbands and she lives with her novel in a historic printing press. Visit her website www.com-davenport//kiki

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Old Comments

  • Love it! This is the one I’ve been using:

    “-B.” is the pseudonym of a writer that never existed. He currently resides in the state of Hysteria, with his long-term girlfriend and a growing sense of insanity. He has briefly attended many colleges, and is almost complete with a degree in Celsius.

    What do you think? Entertaining and informational or sophomoric and asininine?

    Posted by B. Lucid  on  08/12  at  04:26 PM
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    Posted by astonsimon  on  12/30  at  09:55 AM
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