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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Pulp FictionBack in 1994, Pulp Fiction was a famous release for several merits, but nothing matched the twist moves of John Travelota and Umma Thurman on the dance stage. Oh yes, one thing did match, even surpassed, it—they were not on a date.

In the film with an ensemble cast, Travlota and Samuel L. Jackson take the roles of mercenaries Jules and Vincent, working for Marsellus Wallace, a rich mobster. One of their assignments is Butch (Bruce Willis), a boxer who has double-crossed Wallace; and it is, as if by chance, Travolta’s burden to get him after the (as it sounds) more unusual assignment of taking the boss’s wife (Thurman) out for dinner. More stories are strewn in the main sequence with really enjoyable twists and surprises.
The film came out unique in some notable aspects. Primarily, it was the stylistic depiction of gangster crime so as to make crime appear more absurd than condemnable or outrageous—matter-of-course stuff. The high chance element involved in crime is complemented in the film by the non-chronological sequence of events and weird character interaction, leading sometimes to embarrassing situations for the otherwise ghastly figures of the crime world.

Pulp Fiction remains watch-worthy, though not recommended for teens, since the raging guns are shown in too stylish a way with dangerous appeal for those having hands. 

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