Litmocracy Forums Copyright (c) 2019 ExpressionEngine,2019:07:07 Under ‘POST’ I don’t see the category to which I want to post.  What’s the problem?,2006:ee/forums/viewthread/.95 2006-12-14T01:37:54Z Dave Scotese There is a requirement that you earn Brain Points before you can post.  The number of Brain Points depends on how much activity there is.  How does one earn Brain Points?  By voting.  Also, if you’ve voted only on pieces that have since been promoted to Literal Translations or fallen off the list, those votes won’t count any more.

The POST link will either tell you how many pieces are on your list and how many you have posted, or it will display all the categories to which you can post.  Please post a reply here if the one you’re interested in isn’t listed and someone will explain why or fix it.

Choosing what to read,2013:ee/forums/viewthread/.1359 2013-11-24T17:01:02Z Diana C Hi,

Just got on. I like the concept of reading and voting, but maybe I just haven’t figured it out. When I vote, I’d like to choose a category. I get poetry, which I really don’t care for. Also I got non fiction, which I’m also not that into.

I’d rather not have to read either and sure don’t feel it’s fair for me to vote on them.

Can you select fiction, or skip over a story if you don’t want to read/vote on it?  I looked, but can’t figure it out.

Also, the only way I have found to vote is when I click on the icon at the top of the forums page. Don’t see anything about voting on the home page.

Diana C

Lost,2012:ee/forums/viewthread/.1227 2012-11-24T15:45:47Z dac007 I don’t know what I’m doing. if I click to read more does that mean I am voting for that piece? Button said “better one is above” but I disagreed and thought the “better one was below” so I clicked on the “better one is below” button and was then shown another piece. Is that what I’m supposed to do? I notice my brain pints are accruing, but what do I do with them?

Why do some submissions show both “Comments” and “Discuss” links?,2006:ee/forums/viewthread/.30 2006-09-23T14:05:24Z Dave Scotese There is always a “Comments” link so that Literal Translations (our print magazine) can have a form conversation in it, where the best comment(s) on an accepted submission will also be published in print.

The decision about whether something should be a comment or a discussion post comes down whether or not it should be printed in the magazine.  Suggestions about how to improve the piece, notifications of typos, simple praise, or constructive criticism should be in the discussion forum.  If the author has not created a forum topic, you can still visit their profile and from there you can send them a personal email.  When you submit something without creating a forum post for it, that makes it look like you’re not very interested in feedback.

Comments should be well-considered responses that are interesting to the general audience.  Public debate type responses are good, as well as memories or observations that are triggered by the submission.  This is basically a mechanism for “letters to the editor” (or author, really) that might find their way into print.

The author of a submission can create a forum post for the submission in the Submission Discussion forum (or somewhere else if they really want to).  Here is an explanation of how to do that.  If the author doesn’t do this, there will be no “Discuss” link.

To Ban or Be Banned, that is the question…,2011:ee/forums/viewthread/.969 2011-03-01T20:02:51Z Dave Scotese Administrators get a “[ban member]” link in the upper right corner of each Forum post that they can use to disable your account or just delete it, along with all the posts you’ve made.  Keep an eye out for it because you never know when one of the administrators will decide to make you an administrator and give you this super power.  Once you earn it, make sure you use it wisely.

Here’s a neat little exercise,2010:ee/forums/viewthread/.817 2010-06-23T06:01:23Z 2010-06-23T11:34:31Z rockstar1234 Choose a character from a story you have written or are in the process of writing, then write a scene or multiple scenes in which that character interacts with you, the author. One way to approach this exercise is to write with the assumption that the character understands that you, as the author, “created” him or her and are responsible for the things that happened to them in the course of the story; another is to write as though the character does not know these things and is simply interacting with the author as just another person that he or she has met. For a bigger challenge, do the exercise using a secondary or tertiary character from the story (as opposed to the main protagonist).

cant post poetry/lyrics,2009:ee/forums/viewthread/.638 2009-02-27T02:35:42Z The Writer Help!
There used to be a link to which you could post poetry lyrics I cant find it nowl.
Am I looking in the wrong place?
the writer

How do you vote at Litmocracy?,2009:ee/forums/viewthread/.649 2009-03-25T20:06:08Z 2009-11-18T16:51:58Z Dave Scotese There are two ways to vote.  When you visit the home page (or click the Litmocracy icon in the upper left corner of this page), you’ll see the heading “Some pieces you haven’t voted on yet.” 

There are boxes with the beginnings of the pieces presented, and in the bottom of each box there’s a “read more…” (or maybe “read and vote…” - I can’t remember) link.  If you click this, then you’ll get a page that has that whole piece on it, along with another one below it from your list (if you’ve voted at all).  In between the two are some buttons you can use to indicate which one you like better.  Clicking the buttons brings another piece from your list to that lower section.  The site keeps presenting pieces from your list until it has pinpointed where in your list the new piece (always displayed above) should go, and then it puts it there.

On the home page, between the boxes with pieces you haven’t voted on, there is a picture of a ballot box.  You can click on this picture to go directly to your list for the category that the piece above it is in.  This allows you to read the full piece and then use QuickVote to indicate where in your list it should go.

I like to use the step by step method (“Read More…”) to re-familiarize myself with the other pieces on my list, but if I just did it recently, then I’ll visit my ticket (by clicking the ballot box) and add pieces that way as I read them.

Post A Story,2007:ee/forums/viewthread/.271 2007-11-29T05:27:17Z juggles I can’t grasp how to use this board. Can you say how one submits a story and why can one only read two stories in the workshop?  Are you not allowed to put a story in one of the threads below?

Can’t get to “My Ticket”,2008:ee/forums/viewthread/.550 2008-09-26T16:18:58Z greengordo Just read the “helllup, can’t navigate no mo’” post hoping it would help me, but, alas, it did not answer all my questions.  It did tell me why I lost brain points when I mistakenly moved things below the pink line, and that was helpful.  However, that was the only time I have been able to view “My Ticket.”  All subsequent attempts to get there have failed.  When I click on the little voting box icon, the link takes me to another story and does not allow me to rank the story I just finished reading in the others on my list.  Am I missing a link?  Will the little voting box icon only take me to my ticket after I decide if the story above or below is Fetter?