Litmocracy Forums Copyright (c) 2018 ExpressionEngine,2018:05:11 Software Fault Tolerance,2018:ee/forums/viewthread/.1387 2018-05-11T10:55:09Z waqas junaid Software Fault Tolerance is a book used for SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, SOFTWARE DESIGN FAULTS, and SOFTWARE FAULT TOLERANCE.

Composer wanted,2008:ee/forums/viewthread/.610 2008-12-29T17:44:58Z tobiash I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic but I just wrote a musical comedy—3 acts and 25 songs. The problem is I’m not a musician. I don’t play an instrument so my musical is only words. I need to find a musical partner. Fortunately my home town is bursting with musical types and theater people so I put up an ad on Craig’s List and wrote to the theater groups in town for advice. So far no responses so I thought maybe Litmocracy can help. Any ideas?


Virtual Book Tours,2008:ee/forums/viewthread/.471 2008-05-27T14:56:49Z Jim S. Communicated with Dave who mentioned I should post this to the members about utilizing this very powerful tool to promote and sell more of YOUR books faster, better and easier.

I’m specifically looking for authors to interview utilizing the virtual book tour to assist you in promoting and selling your books via a live teleseminar.

This has been used quite extensively and very successfully by numerous best selling authors such as Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham and many, many others and now you can do the same thing.

Why is the virtual book tour so effective?  because it allows your readers and the other listeners on the call to create an intimate bond with you as the author.  I’ll be asking you their questions about your book - so you can give them greater insights to your work, learn more about you, specific areas of your book they want to know more about, etc.  Once this bond is created and because its done live, they want to buy more of your works and upcoming projects.

To learn more about the Virtual Book Tour system in great detail and how to put it to work for you, a live 2 hour teleseminar on the how, what and why it works so well will be held this coming Thursday, June 5th at 6pm pst , 9pm est.

You can register for the call by going to

Once there, you can also ask any additional questions you may have for me.  Also, let me know if you are interested in being placed on an interview schedule and how I can best reach you.

If you are at all serious about selling more books, easier and faster, you do not want to miss this call - If you are currently a published author, I’d highly encourage you to invite your publisher to the call as well.

I believe the slots are limited to only 453 so if you are interested, please get registered as quickly as possible.

Some Networking Sites - Check Them Out!,2008:ee/forums/viewthread/.563 2008-11-04T18:21:50Z 2008-11-18T01:40:23Z StarLizard Greetings all,

This thread is dedicated to some sites that have agreed to a networking partnership with Litmocracy. This means that they will post a link to Limocracy on their site and, in return, the link to their site will be posted on the Litmocracy home page.

I will be keeping a list of those sites here, and will edit this post as more sites agree to this arrangement. Check back often for new links.

I would also be very grateful for any suggestions of sites that could be added to the list. If you know of a writing site, or any other sites that would provide our users with great tools, or even any site that you think might lead to new users coming around here and join, please let me know by replying to this thread with a link to those sites. I will follow-up with the site owners and suggest a partnership between our sites.

Not every site will be interested in this idea, so it is possible that the sites you suggest don’t end up on the list. I will do my best to keep you guys in the loop as far as who has replied and what their answer is, as well as who is still pending, but if you haven’t heard back and are wondering, don’t hesitate to PM me.

I’ll also be grateful for your help in keeping these up to date - if you visit one of the sites in this list and realize that the link to Litmocracy is not on their site, please let me know. I will then follow-up with the site owner to figure out what’s happening.

Wanna help? See who I’m waiting for an answer on? It’s all here.

As I am just starting to contact potential sites, there is no list yet…stay tuned!

If you are a member of one of the sites in our networking list, welcome! Please feel free to use this forum to share with us a little something about your site, so that our members have a better idea of all it has to offer.

- Star

May 6, 2007,2007:ee/forums/viewthread/.165 2007-05-07T00:20:19Z Dave Scotese Grassroots
There are several members who are working on helping Litmocracy grow: Les Dalgliesh, StarLizard, Julianyway, Winona, and others.  I thank them all the time, but I think everyone should know that they’re helping out too, and some even during poor health and discouraging financial situations.  Thanks to everyone who is finding Litmocracy a good cause to support.

To be Perfectly Honest..
A recent change to the site provides each new submission with an automatic vote from the author to put it in first place.  If you submit something but you honestly feel that it isn’t as good as what’s already in first place, you can change your vote.  Simply click “Vote in ...” under your new submission and adjust the ranks in the table at the bottom.  While you’re there, you can use the ‘>>’ widget to re-read or re-order other members’ work.  Don’t forget to click ‘Submit Ranks’ when you’re done with your adjustments.

Alleviating Log-in trouble and Other Miscellania
Today I fixed a setting that sometimes required an extra login.  Many of us have gone to post and had to login first, and then our post ended up in the Free For All category.  Here’s how to move your post if it ends up in the wrong category.  The unified login should help alleviate that problem.

I also altered the links at the top so it should be a bit easier to get to where you’re going.  I hope it helps.  Spring is here… Yay!  It’s time for me to stop typing now and hang out with the missus, so have a good one.

Links to agents, authors, blogs, etc.,2006:ee/forums/viewthread/.51 2006-10-31T14:29:45Z Mikael Covey - networking site.

Literary Blog:

Agents: - with help topics.

Agents’ blogs: - highly recommended. - plus: - links to agents and publishing. - with links to other agents and authors. (how to publish - a collaboration by an agent and author).

Books on publishing: Writer’s Market - costs $30 but is the bible for aspiring writers

Writing Instructors: - author/professor’s site on writing and publishing (with links).

Yahoo: - miscellaneous information on all sorts of stuff.

Authors’ blogs:

Readers’ blog: (with links).