Litmocracy Forums Litmocracy Forums en Copyright 2016 2016-07-12T21:15:35-05:00 Lifelong bibliophile <p>My mother took a photo of me “reading” a story to my doll when I was about 18 mos old. Only my feet and hands are visible, the rest being obscured by Mary had a Little Lamb. I’ve had my nose in a book ever since. I come from a long line of storytellers; my writing evolved from that. I’ve written two unpublished novels. I’m going to redo them and make an epic of them. I’ve also been writing short stories: fiction loosely based on my experiences, dreams and random inspirational thoughts. Those dreams can be really wild, ranging from sci-fi, horror, biographical, fantasy or romance, erotica among a few. I found this site on Duotrope, as I am looking for publications to which I may submit my shorter works. I plan to have them printed, with plenty of feedback from those experiences, then compile them into three stand alone volumes: Hodgepodge; Cherokee Tales for Children and Cherokee Myths and Legends (for adults only).</p> <p>I am a mother of four grown sons, grandmother of seven. They are by far my greatest accomplishments. I am a Registered Nurse, but unable to practice due to a disability (which is slowly resolving). I’m taking a four month course to become a medical coder. Mostly, I’m reading and writing. I’m currently reading fifteen books. I finished one a few days ago and began two more, something I can say on almost any given day. I try to limit myself to seven, but it is a challenge. At least it’s not gambling, right? My lifelong dream is to take an extended working vacation in Italy. </p> <p>I look forward to submitting as well as receiving and giving useful feedback.<img src="" width="19" height="19" alt="grin" style="border:0;" /></p> 2016-07-12T21:15:35-05:00 Say Hi! You’ll get emailed when new members sign up… <p>Hi, I’m Dave, and I’ve been writing for about 25 years.&nbsp; RiotRealty, AKA Tess thought there should be one thread where EVERYONE could introduce themselves.&nbsp; So this is it!&nbsp; As long as you’ve left the default settings in place, the site will email you when others reply to this thread so you can meet members newer than you.</p> <p>Thanks Tess for the idea to start this thread.</p> <p>If we accept something you submitted, we’ll look for a new topic that you started and use that as your bio.</p> <p>In fact, this is the post for my own bio, so here it is:</p> <p>In college, I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. After graduation from Revelle College, UCSD with a BS in Cognitive Science, I met Alex Boese, the curator of the Museum of Hoaxes in a creative writing course. I tutored people in math and science and writing and then landed a computer job. Like so many software engineers, I worked for several businesses that eventually ceased to exist. I co-founded, which crashed and burned like any good little dot-com company. While I continued finding work with software companies, I got involved with Slashdot and a few other sites where an open membership was allowed to register individuals’ judgments of quality. I studied a rarely used but highly efficient method of finding consensus that has been named after the French philosopher the Marquis de Condorcet. </p> <p>A fellow software engineer introduced me to Austrian Economics and dredged up themes from Atlas Shrugged. He used Austrian Economics and Atlas Shrugged together to convince me that public policy inevitably leads to disaster. I now spend my time encouraging people to stop relying on political rulers for solutions, to consider the possibility that public policy is an avoidable evil, and to use the “Condorcet Method” to find consensus. This last item is the foundation on which I intend, with your help, to enrich the lives of everyone that gets involved with Litmocracy, 99 Burning, and other projects of which I am a part.</p> <p><br /> Click “New Topic” to enter a bio that we’ll use in Literal Translations when we publish something you wrote.<br /> Click “Post Reply” to add a reply and get emails when other members do the same.</p> 2009-07-18T20:11:07-05:00 G’day <p>My name is David Cairns. I write as D.A.Cairns. Litmocracy is another of many avenues I am exploring for a three fold purpose.1. to meet writers and readers 2. to improve my writing 3. to find readers fro my writing. So I say G’day to you all and offer you my mandatory third person bio</p> <p>D.A. Cairns is married with two teenagers and lives on the south coast of New South Wales where he works part time as an English language teacher and writes stories in his very limited spare time. He has had more than 20 short stories published (but who’s counting right?) He blogs at Square pegs <a href=""></a> His second novel, Loathe Your Neighbor, is coming soon from Artema Press.</p> 2012-11-23T19:08:29-05:00 Litmocracy’s Baby <p>Greetings and Salutations!</p> <p>I would introduce myself in the classical way, basically giving you my name and such, but I do not have one yet. I hear it’s a hot conversation topic right now in my home to be, but for now, I am referred to as ‘baby brother’, ‘demon child’ and a variety of other nicknames.</p> <p>I should be able to give you a better idea of my age once I decide on my birth date, which should be around March 19 of 2012. In the meantime, I am content to float around in <a href="">Star</a>‘s belly and to benefit from her increased appetite and yes, her increasingly weird cravings.</p> <p>I aspire to be all that I can be. I know my parents, <a href="">Deminizer</a> and <a href="">Starlizard</a>, are hoping that I am a healthy, intelligent, creative and curious child. They met here on Litmocracy 5 years ago, and I am proud to say that I am to be the first child issued of the first couple that ever hitched up here on the site.</p> <p>I may be small yet, but I am already famous: my picture will make the cover of Issue 22 of Literal Translations, Litmocracy’s quarterly magazine. Make sure to check it out and <a href="">grab yourself a copy</a>!!</p> <p>I look forward to sharing my thoughts, and hope you will enjoy them. For now, I think I’ll take a little nap to be fully rested for this evening’s kicking activities.</p> <p>I’m really happy to be part of the community, and look forward to enlightening exchanges. Feel free to PM me, and I’ll be sure to make mom or dad type my reply back to you!</p> 2011-11-21T23:27:56-05:00 Sullee J <p><a href=""></a></p> 2011-10-27T07:50:23-05:00 A quick hello <p>Just saying hello since I’ve just signed up. Nice to meet you all!</p> <p>I’m not yet sure where I’m going to take this, but I do know that among other things I am very good at academic writing.</p> 2011-07-05T15:12:51-05:00 Natural Health Tips for You <p>Hello Everyone,</p> <p>Do you want to live your life well then accept the below listed:</p> <p>1. Enjoy a pint of water first thing in the morning.<br /> 2. Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out.<br /> 3. Avoid going to junk food shops with your work mates.<br /> 4. Exercise on the go. <br /> 5. Drink herbal teas.<br /> 6. Eat a handful of nuts.<br /> 7. Say yes to freshly squeezed juice.<br /> 8. Deep breathing.&nbsp; </p> <p>Use it in your life and living healthy.</p> 2011-02-24T05:22:49-05:00 New Girl <p>Looking forward to reading and writing.&nbsp; I write flash fiction, but I’d like to get better at writing longer short stories.&nbsp; I read and write in Brookline, Massachusetts when I get home from my day job.</p> 2011-01-15T12:18:10-05:00 Biography of Spencer Shaak <p>I graduated from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania with a B.A. in both Philosophy and English Literature.&nbsp; Writing for me not only has served as a catharsis over the years, but it also has been a way to reflect on the world around me in both a creative and often humorous way.&nbsp; Currently, my main aspiration would be to continue writing and to eventually become a college instructor in English Literature and/or creative writing.</p> 2011-01-11T15:07:52-05:00 Ummmm…hello, I suppose <p>Hi all! Ummmm, I’m never very good at introductions, but I will give it a shot. Let me see…I like to write, mostly fiction and non fiction, and most non fiction is about what I have gone through. It seems that pretty much all my writing is dark-ish, because it is usually related to my life. That, and I don’t think I could write a very good story about flowers and puppies and fluffy clouds, as much as I love all three. I will be the first to admit that my grammar is not very good, though it is generally better than the average person. I am going to have all of my books published someday, just as soon as I write them. I have the idea’s, but I won’t share, except to say that I am going to publish a memoir. I am always willing to try new things to improve my writing as I tend to only stick to things that I can relate to, which can be boring. I have written several poems, but I would not consider myself a poet as reading poetry bores me. I have been told that I am a very good “poet” and writer, but I don’t think my poems are extra super spectacular and I can always improve my stories. Ummmm…I have only been published twice, and that was in school newspapers. Someday I would like to make a living off of writing, caring for animals, and working with Special Needs people. That’s all.</p> <p>Have any questions? Feel free to ask. Have any grammar corrections? Feel free to correct.</p> 2011-01-09T05:10:38-05:00