Ahem… Blah and the other 7 dwarves
Posted: 14 August 2011 06:10 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m in a Hari-Kari type mood anyway. This economy is depressing. Bills are depressing. Life is a rotten rut and my garden is burned to a cherryesque pile of cinder and rubbish.


Whatever. As they say, I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go. I’m not one to take advice from a bunch of pointy eared male midgets with pick axes that live in a one room shack however. For any of you out there experiencing financial woes like the best of us (or in my case, the worst), just take advantage of our contests, as Green Finger Skinner did very quickly, winning the first $25 prize for his five posts. As it has been argued to me by a few members, getting over 900 brain points quickly might be asking a bit much, so of the $75 left, we’re changing the rules to make the rest of the contest more realistic. The new rules make it as easy (and fun) as it was for Skinner to win his $25. Whoever posts the next 7 posts from here on will win the next $25, whoever votes the most from last week on wins $25, and the next 2 people to send me a print screen proving they gained 150 brain points (by voting and posting, won’t take much to get that few brain points) wins $25 apiece.

We simply couldn’t make it easier for you to win a $25 prize. Check your account, too, as Cora recently found out, she’s being published in Literal Translations 22 and she won some money she could use. You might find a surprise yourself. That issue should be completed this week, as I am finishing editing and working on illustrations now, but you already might have money in your account, or you could post a piece to get you in the next one.

Race car driver and TV spokes-model Barb Terry’s book, Getting Greasy Made Easy, is nearing the finish line too. Covers are being wrapped up now, so we’ll have more news on that and other goings on next week, if I survive this one! Instead oh committing Hari-Kari, I might try and take out all seven of those stupid annoying dwarves. I hate small cheery critters.

Anyway, Aloha,