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Jó napot all…

Not sure how many Hungarian friends we have out there, but what the hail, hello to them and to you to. Or to you. If you’re them that is. Right-O. On to some news.

We have a pretty sporty opportunity (pun intended, and why not, it’s like 6 a.m. and my brain is not yet properly wired with coffee) for all you wonderful aspiring and even accomplished writers out there in Litmock land. Former Indianapolis Colt and Seattle Seahawk Michael Barber has founded a sports magazine devised exclusively for professional athletes. With help from myself and Dave, along with others, Mike has founded an organization called PAC (Pro Athletes Counsel), which is a fraternity of pro athletes, including the likes of Albert Haynesworth, Jason Campbell, and dozens of other MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NASCAR athletes. This organization allows the athletes to operate as a business entity, as they do while they are still protected by their respective pro sport. While playing in the NFL, for example, the NFL goes to great lengths to protect these athletes financially, providing advice, business seminars, networking opportunities and so forth. When their playing days end, so does their entrance into this fraternity. It’s why so many athletes who make millions of dollars go broke when their career ends. PAC helps fill that void by providing the same protection and fraternity to the athletes after they retire. It’s quite a wonderful concept. I was lucky enough to go to the SuperBowl a few years ago in Tampa to attend the kick-off party with Mike along with Vibe Magazine and the Pro-Sports Wives Association.

Was quite a trip. I even remember some of it, but that’s another story for another time. Unfortunately, the Steelers beat the Cardinals, but whatever. The experience was awesome and the associations made were phenomenal. That’s what PAC does for people. They just happen to be famous, wealthy people. Now Litmocracy can offer a similar opportunity to our writers.

Anywho, to make a long story short, PAC is launching a magazine next July. The first issue is done (I’ll be posting some pics on the main site shortly) but the next for issues need content. That is where our most talented writers come in, if they want the gig. I will be running a contest for our tribe to fill that content, based on story ideas provided by PAC, or by our own talented troop, to fill this magazine. The magazine already has a substantial subscriber list and will be placed in every locker room and press room at every major sporting event in North America. This gives our writers the opportunity to write for pro athletes, to interview athletes, and to notch an excellent credit on their resume. As details unfold, I’ll let you know. We’ll be creating a section of Litmock just for entries in this contest, and will be spreading this contest outside our own walls, so to speak. We’ll be doing some press releases to raise awareness in Litmock based on this opportunity.

For those interested, the earlier you contact me, the better of an edge you will have, as you’ll get more time to create a better piece, and can get feedback early on to improve your entry or entries. So game on it is, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,