Ahem…. Is it me or is the weather getting really annoying?
Posted: 19 October 2011 05:11 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Háu to all my Sioux brethren and sistrens(?),

Hope all is well with everyone. I’m like, one quarter of 1/16th Sioux or something. Actually I’m more than that but really I’m just a mutt like most people in this world. It works for me. Seems the cold months are coming upon us in the Western Hemisphere, and personally, I’ve had enough rain this year. If I wanted to move to London, I’d get a Visa. Or a Mastercard. I think they take Mastercard over there. Speaking of which, hello to Dean Drinkel and all of our British friends. I think we stole your fog and rain here in the Mid Atlantic. I don’t buy the ice cap melting stuff, but wow, it has been a wet year. My garden drowned and Noah stopped by to see if I could lend him a bunny for his impending trip.

Lots going on aside from bad weather though. Now that Star’s pregnant, I know more about baby birthing than I ever thought I’d need to know. I’m not sure if I buy this pregnant women shouldn’t clean the cat litter box thing. I think that it’s just some elaborate plot to ensure that I maintain the kitty feces, but whatever. We all have chores I suppose. Speaking of which, I’ve started a new book just to enjoy writing something once again. Calling it Project Drop Out, and it’s an anti-taxation fiction/philosophical piece that I’ll be getting help from Dave with. Will likely take a long time, as most books do, but it’s nice to be writing something just for the fun of it again. Many irons in the fire that are coming out in the next few years, but only one of those, Down For the Count, was a pure exercise of love. I missed it.

And I’ve noticed many of you posting. I rather like it. I have over 1300 brain points and haven’t posted much new myself, just been voting on some good work that’s been posted routinely. Bob Dylan And Mw Take A Road Trip by 2060Beat and some of Prometheus and Green Fingered Skinner’s pieces have really caught my eye. I hope you all read, vote on and enjoy them. They’re great think pieces. I love being made to think. Is why I hate governments, they’d rather we not think.

Speaking of writing and prizes, Prometheus has won the $50 prize and Green Fingered Skinner has won one of the $12.50 prizes, but there’s still money to be won. If you write 7 posts and collect 200 Brain Points you can still win $25, and there’s one $12.50 prize left for the next person to send me a print screen proving they gained 150 brain points. I also have 6 people who have contacted me who are interested in writing pieces for PAC’s Pro Sports Athletes Magazine, and I will be sending them all something to work on here shortly. Looking for 5 or 6 more talented writers seeking to get involved. All you have to do is email me and let me see some of your posts. In the mean time, write, vote, post and read.

Until next time,