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What do you think was the motivation for writing this piece?

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Well it is obviously such a common experience I think for everyone, regardless of the situation, that this piece was an excellent way to connect with your audience. After all, there can’t be a soul on the planet that hasn’t experienced the event when someone pretends you have a vote, but you actually don’t. The level of duplicity and passive aggressive pressure in the education system is so widespread, it seems nearly a matter of course that children are given the illusion of choice, but are not really allowed to make choices that don’t align with the establishment. It exists in all levels, everywhere of course, with more sophisticated or subtle (generally) manipulations for adults, but it is a sad commentary on how much freedom is an illusion, and on the innate duplicity of human beings, who inevitably, when they have any authority to direct others, use various types of pressure to remove choice from others.

I think it’s a fabulous piece that demonstrates the realities of human society.

What better motivation for writing something then that?

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