Ahem… News, noise, new recruits and other such things
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Dzien’ dobry,

To all of our polish denizens, and hello to the rest of you!

Hope all is well. All is going swimmingly here, but then, it usually is when you’re lost at sea! Oi, so we have some news, and no election crap today. First and foremost, Literal Translations is finally ready to be ordered. Sheesh. Did that take awhile. Some people just can’t seem to get it together. Don’t know what to say. Like the mighty politicians in this country, I’ll shift the blame to someone else, and take the credit for the final work, which is mighty fine.

And not because of the wonderful pieces chosen for the quarterly or because of the loverly artwork that adorns it. No, no, no, simply because I delegate the right to announce its publication here in this newsletter to myself.

Yep, mememe. Seriously, it is an excellent issue. I can’t wait to get mine. You can order your copy here, and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can!

We’ve been happy to see lately, some excellent posts and some great new members. I’m looking forward to reading and interacting more than ever. Nothing like working with and reading work by other great, motivated writers. I’d like to welcome some newbies while I’m at it:


There have been some excellent posts already by jpoole44 and KerouacsKousin. Looking forward to more. I’m a huge fan of the Beats myself. Expecting great things from you kin of Ti jean!

Also, we’d like to announce a new book that will be available from Litmocracy Publications in January, called No Bullshit by John Wargo, one of the top sales people at Quicken Loans. The book is an excellent piece on successful sales strategies, and has some comments from some of the most successful sales people in the country. But I’ll post more on this later.

We’ll have a page for the book here on the new re-vamped site, which we’re working on now. In the meantime, I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever Holiday you might be celebrating. Me, I’m celebrating Independence Day, but then, I do that every day.

Until next time,


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And, of course, humble as he is, deminizer forgot to mention that yesterday was his b-day….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Celebrating your birthday AND independence day at the same time, what else could you ask for?



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Thanks Don..
for welcome message..
I hope it will be success at futures.

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