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AllĂ´ bonjour! To all our French speaking friends, and from the new addition to our family, lil Liam, born a hair early (2 weeks to our surprise), who is also of French descent. Indeed, StarLizard and I had a healthy, happy, small baby boy, and we met right here on this site, trying to become better writers and more active, involved people. We offer a big thank you to all the congratulations we receive. Here is a picture of us with the baby a few hours after birth, and below is another picture of the beautiful Litmock baby.

Liam Kiss.JPG

On other fronts, Dave and I are working on getting this new conscientious objector tax form introduced. The form is here if you want to take a gander. We appreciate any feedback. Our intention is to commence a PR/media campaign by tax filing day, better known as puke day, but we’re waiting on some comments from newsworthy people who have some knowledge of economics and the evils of our tax code. We’ve reached out to the Campaign For Liberty and even the likes of Noam Chomsky, either directly or through friends, but no word yet. Can’t wait to unleash this puppy and get a debate started. Time for that other picture now, it will help wash away the image of paying taxes:

Liam Clouds.JPG

Anywho, we’re still working on a number of projects. We only have 6 submissions to be candidates for the first animations made from Litmock posts. They’re great submissions too, but I’d like to have 10-15 contestants before we find out who the winners are. It costs nothing to enter, just post a link to the submission of your choice here in a response to this post and I’ll enter it, and you can win cash and get a cartoon made from your work. How cool is that? The wining 2 pieces will get their authors $25.

In the meantime, I’m working on old projects, John Wargo’s book, No Bull$hit will be available on Amazon, etc. this week, and am looking for new work and new projects. 4 mouths are a lot to feed! Anybody with any ideas let me know. I’d like to get back to having too much work so I can hire people from this site again!

Whale, time to go check on the baby. Until next time,


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Here’s hoping I don’t start submitting mushy and overly emotionally-new-mother-gushy-packed pieces… LOL


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