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Shabe Yabebabe Yeshe,

To all our Chubby friends out there… What? No, I’m not saying they’re fat, not at all, get your mind out of the gutter. Chubby is Somalian and it’s spoken by almost 10 million people. Sheesh….

Anyway, hello to ALL out there in Litmock land. Hope all is well and you’re preparing for a great summer. Or winter. Depending on which alternate universe you might be in at any given time. I have to stop reading Einstein while drinking. Anyway, wanted to let you know that we’re alive and well here. Dave has released his excellent book Brain Juice on Kindle. So now you can purchase and read it on whatever device you like. It’s free, cheap and easy, just the way I like all of my, uhm, books.

What? You people and your gutter minds, I swear. I saw what you were thinking there.

So here’s a peek at Brain Juice:

“Your flushed face glows with a sheen of perspiration as you take another step up a dirt path.  Up ahead is the top of a mountain and beyond its edge you see a blue cloudless sky.  Reaching this peak, you notice the hot wind barely cooling your slowly drying skin.  You approach the edge where the ground meets the sky, but stop short of a deep abyss.  You look into it from thousands of feet up, seeing a solid dark green below.  As you lean out to see the face of the cliff, trusting your toes to keep you from toppling, you are filled with an exhilarating sense of vertigo which grows stronger as you slide your eyes further and further down the cliff’s face.  A sudden gust of wind plucks you from the edge and you are falling, too stunned to scream, fighting to suck in the hot air as it rushes upwards all around you.  You watch the light brown wall race by, dotted here and there with a spot of green.”

I suggest you follow the link above and get yourself a copy, is a worthy read. I will be posting a version of Midnight In America there myself soon, as well as some other stuff, likely, if I can ever afford to buy enough of my own time to get all of that stuff done, so probably never, but it’s a nice thought!

Also, on the home front, we’re redesigning the site right now to make it far more user friendly. Should be done in a few weeks, so get ready for some changes. I know what you’re saying. I hate change, but this is good change, not the Obama kind of change. Though he did keep his promise, he promised there would be change if he was elected, now that’s all we Americans have left, a few coins. Personally, I’d like my dollars back.

Anyway, buck up, have fun, enjoy whatever season you are in, and prepare for change. Oh, and get your mind out of the gutter…. Cripes…



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