Ahem… Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water!!!
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To all of our Latin speaking, Ancient Roman denizens out there. I don’t think there are too many of you left, but to you, Pontius, or to you Marius the Vampire, welcome. To the rest of you, Hello and whatnot.

Hope all is well. Still fricking hot here, and I don’t want to hear about any of that Global warming crap either. It’s July, the dead of summer. It’s SUPPOSED to be hot. That’s why God invented the Air Conditioner. Wait a minute, Willis Haviland Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902, and if I’m not mistaken, that was a dude, not God.  Well that’s why God invented the first ice machine then. No, hold on, that was Dr. John Gorrie, a physician, in 1850. The ice cream machine? Drat, no, that was Jacob Fussel, another human. Well, for all of you God fearers out there, at least you can say God created this HEAT!

Anyway, so I hope you noticed there have been a few changes around here. If not, WAKE UP…. LOOK AROUND... EVERYTHING’S DIFFERENT….

Ok, I’ll turn the sound back down now. The publishing side is live. We’re making some of our books available online and releasing some new material, starting with my own Down For The Count, about my silly-ass youthful days as a pro-wrestler and such. You can still get to the old site to post, comment, write, compete and vote here!

We also had an excellent interview with Best-Selling author Chris Moore, insightful to any writer or fan. What now, you ask? Sheesh are you people impatient. Well, we have an interview coming in the next 2 weeks with novelist Andrew Vachss, widely known for his Burke detective series, including fantastic books like Flood, Strega and my favorite, Hard Candy. Today he writes stand alone novels, both fiction and non-fiction, he’s an extremely successful lawyer who only represents children in child abuse cases, and he is a renowned child abuse rights activist. You can study all of this by visiting his website, The Zero.

It appears that Dave will be conducting this interview, so if you have any questions pertaining to writing, Mr. Vachss’ literary work,  or his all important work at The Zero, send them to Dave at dscotese@litmocracy.com.

Til sometime in the future, good luck to you all and here’s to great work,

Auf Wiedersehen!