Ahem… Football season is upon us, so who wants to make a few bucks???
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Namaste, To all of our Hindi friends out there…

Hello to everyone else. Hope all is well. Hope the Summer has treated you well, because Fall is upon us, and soon, XMas (or as I like to say, Excessmass will descend upon us, like a thief in the night or an IRS auditor on a binge. So for those of us who like to plan ahead, we have a way to make a little Christmas money. For those of you with kids, you can never have enough.

This particular contest is for those of us who love sports, in particular, football. Not the International stuff where 1-0 is a good game and more than enough to start a riot. No, good ol’ American football. The kind of game that separates the men from the boys, and then the men from their helmets and their teeth, after a particularly good hit.

Anywhoo, I need 10 people who want to participate in some Alpha testing of a site we’re working on, called Talking Trash For Cash (TTFC). There will be some pretend trash talking and some picking of favorites, and $30 in cash prizes for the 3 top participators. There will be a prize for everyone who gets involved.

Trust me, if you like sports, it will be a blast, and you don’t even need a man cave or a woman cave. Contact me directly at deminizer13@99burning.com for details.

On a personal note, sadly, Dave’s mother, Carol Scotese, passed away September 12th. There was a Memorial held at St. Martin Of Tours in La Mesa, California this past week, on September 27th. He is doing well, as he always does, but his father and kids are doing their best to adjust. I would appreciate it if your thoughts, and prayers, even though I’m an atheist, go out to them. They are good, no great people.

I only met her once. She was a lovely, attentive woman, who very much loved her family, that was very obvious. As we all had dinner and Dave, his father and I discussed politics and what we were up to with this here site, among other things, she professed that she didn’t really understand what we were doing, but that she trusted Dave was doing something useful and good. I’m here to say, she was right, and that trust in her son and the love and respect she had for him (and vice-versa) was justified. As I say, I only met the woman once, but I’ve known Dave for years, he’s my best friend, and the most righteous person I know, in an unassertive, unpretentious way. If she did nothing else, she did a hell of a job raising him, and he in turn is doing a hell of a job with his family. If we all did only that in our lives, this world would be a better place. And Dave founded Litmocracy, so there’s that too. I’m thankful for that and for her, and I’m sad she’s passed, but understand her pain and suffering is over. My condolences sincerely go out to all those affected by her, and a few words from you to Dave could probably go a long way.

Sorry my friend. Here’s to better days.

Be back in touch soon with some more news, and as always, look forward to hearing from you.