Ahem… Big News On A new Contest, Litmock Members On The Move, & Buckle Up As We Ride Over The Fiscal Cliff…
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To all of our Zulu speaking friends out there. Hello, Ahoy, Aloha, or simply Hi to everyone else out there in Litmock land. It’s time for another newsletter, and we have much news to pass on, a big new contest, some achievements and activity going on with some of our esteemed brethren. But first, we at Litmock wish everyone a Happy New year.

Or, if you’re a pessimist, a happy death to the old year. Half full, half empty, whatever floats your boat.

It’s been an interesting year. The world ended on December 21st, according to the Mayans, whose world, ironically, ended many centuries before this year. The fiscal cliff loomed large here in America, threatening to destroy the very fabric of our existence, ripping apart every citizen at a microcosmic level.

Yet, here we are. The fiscal cliff, which would have raised taxes for all Americans, was averted by our ever effective politicians… (YAY….HUZZAH….BOO YEAH), and then we Americans found out that to avoid the fiscal cliff, taxes were raised on all of us anyway.

So, whatever. On to some good news. Here’s some from two of our beloved, long time members:

*Dean Drinkel’s script for Bright Yellow Gun won the award for best thriller at the Monaco Film Festival. Congratulations my old friend, you earned it. Next time we tip a few, though it’s been two decades, drinks are on me!

*Our old friend and talented contributor Prometheus has made his way to America to visit for a year. He has been trying to get here for many years. I hope you enjoy, my friend, and look forward to finally meeting you.

And now onto the Litmocracy news front: We have a new contest to announce, and we’re quite fond of this one: The Steve Hockensmith Annual Mystery Story Contest. Yes indeed, Mr. Hockensmith has consented to help us with a contest dedicated to the best mystery story we can find. Steve is a celebrated, great writer in regards to his own work. He’s been nominated for or won the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award for Best Short Story, the Anthony and Barry Awards, and the Audie Award over the years, and you can read all about him and hear from him here.

So what we’re looking for is the best short mystery story, up to 10,000 words, that we can find, worthy of the Hockensmith prize. Actually, there will be 10 prizes for contestants in all. Top prizes include 2 autographed Steve Hockensmith books, as well as $50 cash, $25 cash, $10 cash, and the last 5 prizes will be downloads, on us, of Hockensmith’s excellent ebook, Cadaver in Chief. I read it and thought it was quite awesome. A contest page is being built now, and you will be able to post soon, with more details forthcoming in the next newsletter and on that page. We will be advertising this contest and marketing it quite thoroughly, so this is a head start for existing Litmocracy members. Now is the time to get your best work together and get ready. The contest will begin January 10th and will end on April 10th.

Until next time, Ciao. And good luck to all.