Ahem… Tatoos for your submissions… Whale, I guess they’d be Litoons!
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To all of our Welsh friends out there. And if you are one of our Welsh friends out there, send me one of those great local brews, quit hoarding the stash. Nothing like ales from Wales. Anywho, Hello, Bon Jour, or Aloha to the rest of you.

Today we are starting to institute a cool new practice here at the old writer’s watering hole. We will be selecting a few recent top submissions and then we will be having some rather awesome illustrations done for those winners that have been chosen. This means, if you have submitted pieces recently, keep your eyes peeled for artwork that might be attached to your submission, in honor of your submission. Art made from your art. I think it would be kind of cool to have a cartoon illustrating my writing.

Though I wouldn’t know, because, uhm, none of my work was chosen.

Not that I’m bitter though, no, not at all. And if the site happens to go dead for a few hours later in the day, that had nothing to do with me pulling the plug in retaliation at all.

Stop looking at me like that. I’m innocent I tell you.

So, this is not a one time thing. Going forward, select new submissions will also get the same treatment, artwork for their submissions, until we work our way up to animations made from submissions, which we are and have been working on. That, indeed, will be madly cool. And so help me, if one of my pieces isn’t chosen to be made into an animated cartoon, I swear, I will throw down. There will be some ruckus up in here.

Also, for those of you getting entries together for the Steve Hockensmith Mystery Contest, quit lollygagging. The PR campaign has started and will be running for some time to come. The word is spreading, here are a few early examples of the PR campaign that we are unleashing, here, there, and everywhere. Or you can check this search and see how the word is spreading around the world. So get those submissions IN. I want at least one of our old timers to take a prize!

Until Later,