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Posted: 01 July 2013 09:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Bonjour, Alo, and How Bout Them Habs, eh?

For all of our wonderful Canadian friends on Canadia Day (yes, I know it’s Canada Day, back off, I’m jest playin’). Hope you enjoyed your wonderful National Day and celebrated with great fervor. Guzzled some maple syrup. Kicked back some Labatt’s. Rocked the lumberjack suit.

Whatever floats your easygoing boat!

Me, I’m hanging in there. Barely. For a few more days maybe. I am the latest victim of the great Housing Bubble Crash of 2008. Iza’ nightmare, and unfortunately, I keep waking up from it and to it. Whatcha’ gonna’ do? Been let down, betrayed and left for dead, but no worries, my ghost will haunt this website for years to come. Some of our members, however, have some great news.

Jason Gaskell, a long time member, has had a great collection of ten short stories published by Simulacrum Press Publishers. Congrats to him, and it is worthy of a thorough read. Anyone who wants to check it out or wants to help a fellow member and maybe buy a copy, purchasing a good read in the process, can take a peek here, or here if you are across the pond in the U.K. So help a brother out and check out the book.

Also, don’t forget about the Steve Hockensmith Contest we have running here and the contest open to us from our friends at the Voluntaryist. They both feature great prizes. Unique prizes. Riches and wonders beyond your dreams. So strap your thinking cap on and write a winner, then kick back and enjoy your loot.

Until next time, assuming I extract myself from this nightmare,