Ahem…. Bitcoin, you say?
Posted: 08 August 2013 05:24 PM   [ Ignore ]
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To all of our Klingon friends out there, and to all the fans of The Big Bang Theory who are denizens of Litmock land, that one was for Sheldon. Bazinga. Hope all is well. All is sane here, which is weird for me. Makes me feel like I need a trip to the Vet or something. Like my nose is not wet and it should be. I was recently wormed, so I know I’m good there. Oh well.

Anyway, today I want to let you all know a little bit about Bitcoin, because Dave has gotten into the stuff and is now a Bitcoin dealer. I apologize to all you techy heads, who know all about the stuff, but for those of you like me who are amazed that the light comes on every time you open the fridge (I still believe there’s a little gnome or troll that lurks in there and works the light), Bitcoin may be a bit confusing.

So here is a description of Bitcoin in a nutshell: Bitcoin is an online payment method that eliminates the middle man. It is foolproof and always traceable, and will protect you if you want to transfer money or buy things online, while saving you fees like Paypal charges. One Bitcoin is worth about $105, though the trading rate does fluctuate, kind of like Gold or Silver. So the Bitcoin you receive if you win the Voluntaryist contest we have been asked to enter is worth about $105. Along with the silver, there are some sporty prizes in that contest.

Anywho, if you are looking to buy or sell some Bitcoin, Dave is in the market. Here are the details. Here is our direct link for anyone in the market. And, hallelujah, football season is back, so I have to go watch the first Ravens game, even though it’s not a real game. It’s been a long time since the SuperBowl, so I’m Jonesing.

Hope to hear from you soon!