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Posted: 13 July 2014 05:43 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Aloha friends,

Or Hau, yo all our other Lakota Sioux braves out there, Cuz’ I am like largely Sioux. Well partly. Okay, so I’m really a mutt, but there is serious Sioux blood in this puppy. Anywho, no smoking of the peace pipes today, just dropping a line, for the first time in a long time, to let everyone in Litmock land know what’s up.

Star and I are finally moved into our house, mostly anyway, and it’s time to catch up. This is pertinent because my years of working with Litmocracy and with Dave, through many ventures such as Bitcoin and investments along with our work here, helped pay for this house. So it’s the house that Litmocracy built, literally, because the sucker is paid for in full. Litmocracy does some wonderful things if you get involved with it! And we’re not done yet, we will be running some new contests shortly, I am open to ideas, so just tell me what you have in mind and we might run it.

Meantime, as we settle in to our new abode, much has been transpiring in and around Litmock land with our many talented members. Prometheus, for example, recently had a successful book signing for his book Tony’s Tale. His blog is doing well, and he continues to pound the keys and write away.

Our good friend Dean M. Drinkel won best screenplay at the Monaco Film Festival… AGAIN… as if once wasn’t enough, and is ripping up the Continent as we speak. In fact, he was even featured in the horror genre stalwart magazine Fangoria recently, which is quite a feather in the cap. I still remember doing somersaults getting subscriptions to Fangoria and Starlog among a few other mags I loved when I was a kid. I did end up writing a column for The Main Event, one of those gift subscriptions, years later, but I never got into Fangoria. Dean, I love you my old friend, but I am jealous. It was an interesting read, and still a great magazine, as always. On a side note, Dean and I are collaborating on a script for one of my stories, an old winner in the early days of this website when I won money for posting the story as a serial here. It’s called Zombie Stew. Whale, that’s all for now, back to unpacking and such, and watching the Orioles blow a 3 game lead in the A.L. East!

Ho hum, thus is life.