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My mother took a photo of me “reading” a story to my doll when I was about 18 mos old. Only my feet and hands are visible, the rest being obscured by Mary had a Little Lamb. I’ve had my nose in a book ever since. I come from a long line of storytellers; my writing evolved from that. I’ve written two unpublished novels. I’m going to redo them and make an epic of them. I’ve also been writing short stories: fiction loosely based on my experiences, dreams and random inspirational thoughts. Those dreams can be really wild, ranging from sci-fi, horror, biographical, fantasy or romance, erotica among a few. I found this site on Duotrope, as I am looking for publications to which I may submit my shorter works. I plan to have them printed, with plenty of feedback from those experiences, then compile them into three stand alone volumes: Hodgepodge; Cherokee Tales for Children and Cherokee Myths and Legends (for adults only).

I am a mother of four grown sons, grandmother of seven. They are by far my greatest accomplishments. I am a Registered Nurse, but unable to practice due to a disability (which is slowly resolving). I’m taking a four month course to become a medical coder. Mostly, I’m reading and writing. I’m currently reading fifteen books. I finished one a few days ago and began two more, something I can say on almost any given day. I try to limit myself to seven, but it is a challenge. At least it’s not gambling, right? My lifelong dream is to take an extended working vacation in Italy.

I look forward to submitting as well as receiving and giving useful feedback.grin

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