May 6, 2007
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There are several members who are working on helping Litmocracy grow: Les Dalgliesh, StarLizard, Julianyway, Winona, and others.  I thank them all the time, but I think everyone should know that they’re helping out too, and some even during poor health and discouraging financial situations.  Thanks to everyone who is finding Litmocracy a good cause to support.

To be Perfectly Honest..
A recent change to the site provides each new submission with an automatic vote from the author to put it in first place.  If you submit something but you honestly feel that it isn’t as good as what’s already in first place, you can change your vote.  Simply click “Vote in ...” under your new submission and adjust the ranks in the table at the bottom.  While you’re there, you can use the ‘>>’ widget to re-read or re-order other members’ work.  Don’t forget to click ‘Submit Ranks’ when you’re done with your adjustments.

Alleviating Log-in trouble and Other Miscellania
Today I fixed a setting that sometimes required an extra login.  Many of us have gone to post and had to login first, and then our post ended up in the Free For All category.  Here’s how to move your post if it ends up in the wrong category.  The unified login should help alleviate that problem.

I also altered the links at the top so it should be a bit easier to get to where you’re going.  I hope it helps.  Spring is here… Yay!  It’s time for me to stop typing now and hang out with the missus, so have a good one.

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