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Have you ever felt you are a slave to something in your life? Perhaps you feel this way-about your job situation, or your love connection, or your general station in life. To be certain, I know I have.

In order to escape my circumstance I write.

I dare to writewith flare and fearlessness, for I have learned that life is too short to wait for something good to come to you. Wishing for something to happen does not “Git R done”. I believe every man must make his world come to be, and that in doing so, each man left standing will fufill his own destiny by becoming the captain of his own individual ship of fate.

Smarticus and Braggadocio are timeless examples of humankind.  They come to face a classical conflict we each discover within ourselves at sometime during our lives.  These lads want and desire to be someone or to be part of something more then they are.  Understandably, they hate being downtrodden despicable slaves.

These two young men set out on a comical path searching for the very crown of freedom, only to discover that life is what you make of it; and that freedom is but an illusion; a perception of acceptance; a settlement manufactured in the mind.

Traditionally, it is the same today, as it was back then, one can easily become a slave to the whirlwind of pleasures that surrounds each of us.  The imperative is to survive first, like many of us survived Woodstock, or Vietnam, and then to venture foward, taking with us attained knowledge. 

Some readers will come to recognize at least one facet of their personalities in this story.



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