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Hello all,
My name is Ben. I discovered Litmocracy through Duotrope. It seems like a great idea. We’ll see… In my past lives I was a high school English/writing teacher, a newspaper reporter for a daily in Oregon, and a material handler for a company that made vacuum cleaners and microwaves. I currently am living in a little flat in a town near Barcelona, Spain. Last night I had a dream about a massive mechanical elephant the size of a skyscraper with a restaurant and an amusement park inside. The food kept falling off the tables when the elephant moved. Alright, enough about me. I’m going to start reading some of your work now.

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Thanks for the submission and I hope your elephant doesn’t disturb your sleep too much.  Don’t forget to come back every so often to vote on new submissions.  A lot of people think it’s a great idea, but I think it’s telling others about it that will really make it work well.  If you read Advertisitis you’ll see how I fee about advertising.