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I realized that the majority of the posts are first person. . . Alas, this is my template 3rd person bio I use for publications. LOL.

Shaylen Maxwell emerged from the womb penning novels, and is presently editing her most recent literary creation: Dante & the rest of what never happened. Her fiction has appeared in Reflection’s Edge, Wild Violet, The Oracular Tree, and New Works Review. Shaylen currently resides in exile with her menagerie of wild animals: her boyfriend Jonathan, her red wolf, her two silly foolish cats, and her four big-eared wabbits. She can be reached via http://iamshaylen.livejournal.com/

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I think 3rd person is more appropriate for the author bios, but first is more appropriate here.  It’s my fault for providing the same place for a site introduction and an author bio.  BUT this is not really a bad thing.  I can argue that it is intentional grin.  If you would like to introduce yourself in the first person, this entire topic is all about you, so go for it.

Anyway, I might be wrong about 1st person vs 3rd in the author bios section of the magazine.  It’s your call.

I’m glad you are enjoying the site,

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Ignore him.

Sarah thinks third person bios are the coolest. Sarah quite often refers to herself in the third person. And, when she is talking to herself, it is mostly in third person. First person is for wimps and orangutans.

Sarah is going to go back to work now.

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