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Did you sense that something was at stake?
Did reading this remind you of someone?

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Tips on pitching a story: Makes life easier if you want to sell it, grab readers, whatever…

Listen, if you’re pitching to an editor or a publisher or even a reader it goes like this: tag line… elevator pitch… then tell your story. Get their attention first and THEN make sure that you have your story focussed enough to elaborate on, be forceful and concise.. summarze it, draw a quick outline, and move on… Act 1,2 and Act 3 on spppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd…..

It must be summed rather quickly, start with the plot, first in a sentence, then in a few words, then in a speech. Make sure you have them totally focussed on what you have to say. You have a good overall concept but it has to be told quicker, is my thought. Chisel it down and see what you find in there. Is often cool, what you find,  even if no one else digs it! The core concept of your story is what’s important. If you’re not filled with it enough to bleed it from your lungs, I don’t want to hear it, and it better be good, that is the attitude we as writers all face. You must be able to sum it up in a second, a minute, then a few minutes, only then should you go to the full pitch, how do you expect to be able to convince other people it’s not only worth reading, it’s the best thing ever, it’ll change your world, it’s worth everybody’s time… But you have to know your message so well you can sum it up in a few words, expand on it, draw it out a bit more, in that fashion. Readers are the same as editors, and they care less about story telling.

They want something that GRABS their attention.

The beauty of Litmocracy is you can solicit opinion and improve your content through feedback

That is if everybody wants to pitch in and help everybody else.

Give me a tag line and some focus and a pitch and I’ll vote you up the chart!