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Do you have any suggestions for the author?

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Hey Jay,

First, well, I’m a HUGE zombie fan, so when I started reading your story, I was really excited…:)

I enjoyed your story telling and style, and the fact that you use great descriptives in a simple manner. Came across a few words we don’t see often enough, and that made me smile.

I wish you had worked the ending a bit more - I felt like it unravelled too fast for me. I understand what you’re going for at the end, but I would make it a bit longer to let the feeling linger, and to allow for that last idea to seep a little more in the mind…

Very enjoyable read, thanks for sharing!
- Star


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Awesome Jay! 

I loved reading this.  I can imagine it longer - novel length even.  It did seem like there were a few parts that were rushed, of course, I can’t remember which ones now, but if you want to know specifics just let me know.  I loved how the story flowed and twisted and the shock factor at the end.

I agree with Star about your use of descriptives and style.  It was easy to read, yet descriptive enough to evoke fairly vivid images in my head.

Well done!


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