Contest - January, Hopefully - CLOSED - Dave wins!
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This contest is now closed. Dave submitted the ONLY story this month. He therefore wins by default, but I personally think his story had a pretty good running chance had there been other entries. So Dave, congratulations!

Please have a look at our February Contest. This is your chance to win an entry in Literal Translations.

Keep on playing!

Yes, ‘tis 2009 already. Another year over, a new one just begun.

This contest is all about your New Year hopes and resolutions - or lack thereof. Hoping for world peace? Resolute to change absolutely nothing about your life? We wanna know.

Make it funny, serious or downright political - New Years are free for all.


Special tags + : Your story MUST INCLUDE a crazy cat lady and a spinning wheel.

Special tags - : Your story CANNOT INCLUDE the words ‘resolution’ or ‘hope’ in any form (eg hopeful, hopefully, hoping are all out).

Word Limit: 1500 words.

Please refer to the Litmocracy contest guidelines here

Post your January, Hopefully entry here.

Game on!
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