Contest - February, Short and Tricky - CLOSED - Congrats to Dave, again!
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This contest is now closed (duh. Sorry I’ve been away for so long). Dave and I were the only submitters and voters. Dave wins. You can read his winning entry here. Congratulations!

I’m reopening contests as of now. June is up - please submit, and VOTE, whether you’ve submitted or not. This is your chance to win an entry in Literal Translations, or get the writer you like best to be in there.

Happy Summer!

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February. Always apart because it’s short, sometimes interesting because it’s tricky.

Every 4 years, February balances out the Universe with its 29th day. And even then, it doens’t measure up to the shortest of the other months.

Make February special. Make it so that it’s not because it’s short that it can’t be great. Write up a Frebruary Napoleonesque tale! Open subject other than you must take something seemingly small and make it BIG. Literally or metaphorically.

Special Tags:

Tags + : Your story MUST include the numbers 28 and 29.

Tags - : Your story MAY NOT include any reference to leap years.

Word Limit: 1000 words.

Please refer to the Litmocracy contest guidelines here

Post your February, Short and Tricky entry here.

Game on!
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