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I took this picutre.
May it inspire you to write.

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“Gam watched the sun rise over the hills by his new home, grief stricken over the previous nights’ events.  As he watched, the sun’s light became broken, casting a shadow across the sky.  Slowly, a figure appeared at the top of the hill.  Gam knew her by her figure, her movement.  It was the one person he had least expected to see, the woman he believed to be dead.  The one person he both feared, and loved….”

This is a exerpt from a story I’ve been stuck on for a while… It’s still stuck, but now that paragraph is written!!  Beautiful picture!

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grin  I love your paragraph, Aminara.  I love the idea of the sun being “broken” at dawn. 

over the previous nights’ events

I know this is only an excerpt but presumably it was only one night’s events.  Therefore it should be “the previous night’s”.

Knowing somebody by their movement?  It’s what I do.  How somebody moves, how he/she walks in particular, is very individual. 

Surely, Gam would be shocked and disturbed to see, in the flesh, somebody he thought was dead?

Why are you stuck?  We get stuck on things for the most ridiculous reasons.  I’m stuck on the novel which is the love of my life because I went on holiday to Florida in October and, when I returned, I was thoroughly involved in work and the masters course I’m doing with the Open University, then somebody on another site urged me to start subbing short stories… and so it went on, and it’s now February.  Now, a lot of my ideas about the novel have changed and I’m going to have to restart it.


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