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I’m leaving this open for discussion.  What do you think?

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hello sir,

Bonjour mes amis! We’re BoyCalledRoy. We formed in Sheffield in 2004 when Rick, Adam and Nick 3 best friends from university decided to stop messing around and form a band. We went through a few different line ups before we met the gorgeous Steve who agreed to play bass and thus complete our lives. We’re now signed to a Japanese record label and our album “Teeth. Bear. Claw” is out now. If you would like to purchase it you would be doing us a massive favour and we will shower you with affection for as long as you live. Simply visit and search for Boy called Roy. Place your order and a little bundle of joy will arrive on your doorstep in less than the time in takes to shave an angry bear. Thankyou friends, much love. Adieu, adieu xxx


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