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Did you sense that something was at stake?

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This story was posted in response to a comment I made on “ADOPTION”, also by tobiash.  It brings up some interesting questions…

Do you think there are certain features of reality that would be recognized by any being capable of traveling through space?
I think there are.

Are there universal philosophical truths accessible to such beings?
Yes, they are accessible and will match closely, but I don’t think we can every rely on them matching perfectly.  I don’t even think two human’s concepts of “the same thing” can be expected to match perfectly.

Did you read contact, and do you have ideas on what assumptions about “human thinking” Carl Sagan may have accidentally used in his rendering of the “blueprints” they sent us?

The one I could come up with is that there’d be some kind of representation of what they’d want us to build.  It would have made more sense (to me) if they trained us - the way we train dogs, and the way brightly colored insects have “trained” birds not to eat them - to create the pieces and put them together.  but then the back story might be decades long.  I suppose Sagan could argue that the aliens had our Nazi TV shows to analyze and they got the blueprint idea from there.

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