Ghost users?
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Am I the only one who noticed that the site stats will sometimes list more users logged in than are actually listed?

Like right now, it says there are 5 Total Logged-In Users, but only two show up in the list. And there are no anonymous users. Do these extra 3 users represent people logged in to the Post function but not to the page?

Just wonderin’...

I’ve just confirmed that is not the case by logging in to Post and logging out of the main page. I do not appear as logged in in the site stats. When coming back to the Forum from the Post app, I do however appear as anonymous automatically. The mystery deepens!!


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I think they could be mods or stuff in hidden modus. The powers that be…


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Fantastic post. Bookmarked this site and emailed it to a few friends, your post was that great, keep it up.

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I just noticed by running a who command that I was logged in twice . So two admin2 are on the list. (solaris 2.6)
Since I telnet using a windows 98, I suppose that I forgot to CTRL-D last time I logged in and clicked on hangup.
In such a case, how can I loggoff the old ghost loggin ?
It’s not a process so cannot use KILL, or can I ?
Securitywise, it does not look so wise to have an open loggin.

Thanks for your enlightments.

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