Growing: Indoor vs Outdoor
Posted: 19 November 2010 06:44 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Growing marijuana can be an exciting experience, with so many options on how to grow, it’s hard to decide where to even start. Hydro, dirt, organic, nutrients, it’s easy to get lost in options. First of all, you must decide where you want to grow, and I don’t mean address wise, I mean just as simple as indoor or outdoor. There are pros and cons to both, and it’s important you weigh out your options before you get started.

Growing indoor is a popular option for professional growers, having your crop on premises can really make things easily accessible, especially when you need to grow year round! Most of us do not have the pleasure of living in a tropical environment 365 days a year and have to create one in our own space for our baby girls to be able to survive all year round. Having your plants indoors makes it possible to monitor and adjust growth, stunting, and progress in flowering. Adjusting temperature, light and moisture is a luxury that outdoor growers just don’t have access to. Having such a wide range of control allows you to experiment with different kinds of strains and procedures that you would not be accessible in an outdoor crop. If your serious about growing all year round, this option would be a good one for you.

However, along with anything that has pros, there will be cons. Growing marijuana indoors can be a risky experience at times. At times, the smell can be hard to mask, basically announcing to your neighborhood that your basement is full of the precious green. Even though your crop is legal through Health Canada, it still is not something you want to be announcing to the world. Theft and marijuana have been known to go hand in hand unfortunately, and drawing attention to your personal place of residence is never a settling thought. Another downfall of growing indoors is, legal or not, your current provider may not be willing to insure your property, so growing outdoors or designating a grower is always something to consider.

Growing outdoor can be a great option for those less serious about growing. Raising your plants in dirt outdoors can produce a more tasty, clean product. Outdoor season is a great, but a short time of year however. Considering here in BC it’s only hot a couple months out of the year, that doesn’t leave much time open for growing. But if you can get some seeds planted in the spring, you’ll find by fall that you will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of work needed for an outdoor crop. As long as the weather stays solid and it rains often enough, you barely need to put any work into it at all. However, it is smart to plant by a creek, just incase it doesn’t rain, you don’t want to be packing water mid season to your crop during a dry spell. Also, be sure to plant it in an area with access to enough sunlight.

Although outdoor can be relatively stress free, there are some stressful factors that can come in to play. Not having a watchful eye over your plants can leave them open to danger. People, animals and weather can become factors in not harvesting your expected crop, and considering outdoor only comes once a year, not harvesting doesn’t even seem like an option.

Certain strains do well indoors compared to outdoors and vice versa. Make sure you research which grows where best and why. Keeping track of little details like this is what can promise you a potent and staggering yield.