Happy New Year!
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So this is what 2011 feels like… Much like 2010… and 2009… and so on.

I guess we always think that a new year should feel different, and we anticipate some kind of ‘boom’ when midnight strikes, but the reality of it is that January first is just another day. Some make resolutions, some take it as an excuse to party (like we need an excuse…) and us, well, I guess we just do the bubbly thing and say Happy New Year and move on with what the next day brings. Dishes. Bills. Kids. Some nice family time. But why can’t it bring change? Why can’t it bring promise and challenge and triumph like it once offered when WE were kids? (For those of you out there that are kidlings, Happy New Year will suffice. You know the dillio.)

Star didn’t fool herself in issuing another New Year’s challenge, Why waste time? The the world didn’t explode, and the sun rose just like on any other day on our little planet. Why try to make this site and this world better if no one cares about it? She couldn’t get 100 replies in a month and a half so what would one more day do?

Funny though. Since this site’s inception, we have books being published and having been published. We’re moving forward, us Litmocks, evolving from the good old days of Cap’n Veg and Julianyway and Winona. We miss those minds. We miss the input. But we’ve moved forward and worked to make this thing grow.

Why don’t you guys make a resolution to help this site grow this year? We have tons of things coming, as you’ll see in the next few weeks. You want to be writers, or want to read or you wouldn’t be here. Do so. Effort, I’m certain, is not a four letter word, or we’d use it far more often.

Yet 2011 is here, so we wanted to wish everyone a prosperous and enjoyable one. Things are in the work for Litmocracy, as stated, and we hope you’ll be a big part of it, but that’s your choice. Even though it may seem like most people here have fallen silent, rest assured that some of us are actively working to find new and exciting ways of getting everyone who’s interested involved and pitching in to help wake others up.

This site brought the both of us together, and it has allowed many of its members to connect, share, and experience things that they might not have known if not for Litmocracy. For that, we are very thankful. We may have a very special reason to be dedicated to it, but we also know that many of Litmocracy’s members have had similar experiences, experiences that have helped them grow and become better writers, better artists, and better people in general.

We just watched the halftime show of the Rose Bowl. Close game, but that wasn’t important unless you’re an alumni or you’re betting on it. The thing is, we marveled at how the marching band, about a hundred or so talented individuals, worked together like one, each expressing their own individuality, yet building a spectacle together and growing from such a grand shared experience at the same time. And most people ignored their efforts and went to get a hot dog or changed channels. Yet they persevered and pulled off a helluva’ show.

We can do the same, we just want more talented, smart, stubborn, against the tide creative beasts to help us swim up stream. If salmon can do it, we can, and the caveat is, we can eat the salmon when we get there.

Mmmmmm. Salmon. Goooood.

So don’t be shy. Read this, reply to it if you want, share your opinions. This is what Litmocracy is all about. Every member is an owner, and we can all make this site what we want it to be by working together. Pull up a seat and kick in before all the smoked salmon and salmon mousse is long gone.

Happy New Year Litmocrats.

- Star and Don


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