Ummmm…hello, I suppose
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Hi all! Ummmm, I’m never very good at introductions, but I will give it a shot. Let me see…I like to write, mostly fiction and non fiction, and most non fiction is about what I have gone through. It seems that pretty much all my writing is dark-ish, because it is usually related to my life. That, and I don’t think I could write a very good story about flowers and puppies and fluffy clouds, as much as I love all three. I will be the first to admit that my grammar is not very good, though it is generally better than the average person. I am going to have all of my books published someday, just as soon as I write them. I have the idea’s, but I won’t share, except to say that I am going to publish a memoir. I am always willing to try new things to improve my writing as I tend to only stick to things that I can relate to, which can be boring. I have written several poems, but I would not consider myself a poet as reading poetry bores me. I have been told that I am a very good “poet” and writer, but I don’t think my poems are extra super spectacular and I can always improve my stories. Ummmm…I have only been published twice, and that was in school newspapers. Someday I would like to make a living off of writing, caring for animals, and working with Special Needs people. That’s all.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask. Have any grammar corrections? Feel free to correct.

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Dear Slightly,

Welcome to Litmocracy.  If you’d like to write about flowers and puppies, but your writing tends to be dark, maybe my experience reading last night will be helpful.  I’m reading “Peter and the Secret of Rundoon”- 3rd in a series about the origins of Peter Pan.  What struck me is how all the characters and concepts that the audience has grown to love (puppies and flowers) get threatened and trashed.  One reads on, knowing (in this case) that good will triumph in the end, but I suppose the author was happy to gratify his darker side while writing the darker first half (third?) of the book I got through last night.

Thanks for joining, and I’m looking forward to some work from you.


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Welcome aboard. Posting stories, reading and voting on others and interacting is a great way to hone your craft over in the workshop. I look forward to reading some of your stuff! The pieces that garner the highest votes here get published in our quarterly, btw, Literal Translations. Good luck and happy hunting.

P.S. Don’t hunt the puppy dogs. That’s my game!