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Get Paid for Writing Well

  • $5 for anything under 250 words.
  • $5 plus 1 cent per word for anything between 250 and 4000 words.

Litmocracy uses a democratic cooperative competition to identify good writing. The best stuff earns its authors some cash and gets published in Literal Translations, Litmocracy's print magazine.

Free - See how your work compares to that of others! We have no biased editor to make these decisions. If your work is good enough for the membership, you'll get paid for it. You can find out more about the site before signing up by reading through the material below, but experiencing it for yourself trumps explanations any day, so register now for your free membership.

Earn some Brain Points!

Litmocracy is eliminating bias by relying on all readers to identify quality and provide helpful feedack. Litmocracy uses an advanced form of voting that avoids the divisiveness of politics and provides excellent mental exercise. Each time you indicate which of two new submissions you like better, you earn one or more brain points. The more submissions you add to Your Ticket, the more brain points each new addition gives you.

Opportunity for Agents and Publishers

If you see something you like, please contact the author with your offer to publish it. We will promptly remove any submission if the author requests it. Items in the Literal Translations category will be published in print in a quarterly magazine, but we are willing to remove them from Litmocracy if the author wishes it.
If you have a code for a free pdf of issue 5, type it here and press enter

Submission Policy

In order to be considered for publication in Literal Translations, our printed quarterly, your entry must get to the top of the list. Once you have signed up, you will be able to read existing submissions and add them to Your Ticket in order of quality. After adding five existing submissions, you'll be able to post your own work. From time to time the top-ranked piece will be accepted into the next printed issue of Literal Translations. More details are available here.

What keeps Litmocracy afloat?

The owners of the site are currently paying out all prize money and hosting fees as well as some advertising fees. Some members have chosen to reinvest their winnings back into the site. 90% of the profits (if any) from sales of the quarterly will be divided between contributors and the last 10% will be used to cover hosting fees and build the membership. All suggestions on how to maximize profit from sales of the quarterly are welcomed.


Litmocracy is a for-profit endeavor, so your donations will not be tax-deductible. If you decide to donate some money to the site, we prefer that you send it through PayPal to dscotese@litmocracy.com. If donations amount to more than $100, a one percent share of all Litmocracy profits into the future will be divided between the donors according to the size of their donations. We believe donors should become owners, and this is how we do it.

Some points to ponder

  • Marketers have suggested that we stop profit sharing with contributors and remove the donation policy that provides contributors with a financial interest in the site. While this may earn us more money, we feel it would promote the unfortunate and destructive tradition of hegemony.
  • The more submissions you add after you've submitted something, the better your submission will do (assuming you put your submission higher than the others).
  • You may adjust Your Ticket any time you want.
  • Helpful feedback makes us all better writers, so feel free to visit the discussion link on any submission.