Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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I remember…

I remember…

I don’t need yellow flags and shoes on telephone wires

I don’t need commercials and fundraisers.

I remember America before that cool, clear, crisp morning,

Before the World became a suspect.

Sitting on the porch with my dying grandfather watching a city going to hell…

Gas prices and cigarette taxes and Saturday Night TV controlling the interests of the world.

I remember what happened that day and I wonder,

Was it the Machiavellian government that pulled the pin?

Or the Wall Street Bankers?

Racist bastards looking for an undertow inroad to power?

Was it an entertainment tax?

Did I do it with my ATM pin when I withdrew $20, unknowingly contributing a buck fifty to the minions of terror?

Or was it mistrust of everyone, by everyone, that caused 2976 to die so needlessly, so sadly.

If I believe the crap since then, am I flying a plane into a building and destroying innocence when I buy gas… a smoke… a drink?

Or is it all just a mask we were all born to wear because we crave power more than anything, so we accept bullshit because it makes us feel stronger, makes the mask easier to breathe through, makes the red rubber ball easier to choke on as we await inevitable fate?

I remember being a kid, thinking that watching the street go by, coloring crayon futures at my Grandpa’s feet was just the beginning of a free future, not the end.

I remember.

And sometimes, I wish I could just forget.

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