Issue 21

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Here are all our Issue 21 submissions

Macedonia’s Hopeful Holocaust by Sam Vaknin
Democracy not for Third World by Sam Vaknin
More Than Just Curry by tobiash
Love By The Numbers by tobiash
BUG by Prometheus
Riots in Egypt about Food, not about “Freedom” by Sam Vaknin
The writing gig in Pennsyltucky… by deminizer
Candle Flame by Captain Vegetable
Respect Trash for the Poor It Feeds by Prometheus
Bagheera, Basement Cat - The Story by StarLizard
Being Old by StarLizard
The Competitor by deminizer
Time to Desexualize Our English by Prometheus
Arti’s Email by alesiram
Green Song by tobiash
Dear Boss by Green Fingered Skinner
Dueling Adverts by Green Fingered Skinner
Senility by witchbitch
Curiosity Caged the Cat by Redorigami
Lady Gaga Assaulted and Forcibly Draped by Green Fingered Skinner
Questions for Sheriffs by Dave Scotese
Missing Explorer Found Alive! by Green Fingered Skinner