Issue 2

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Here are all our Issue 2 submissions

River Queen by Nettie
Interrogation by Mikael Covey
The Justificator Live on Larry King by C.H. Campbell
Change by Leserin
Personal Conversation by Dave Scotese
Subjectivity and Objectivity by Dave Scotese
Melting Borders by Dr George Karimalil
last words… by deminizer
The Tax Man Bites Back by aardvark
A PC Tale of the Three Vertically Challenged Wolves by aardvark
The Last Stage; Excerpt by Dave Scotese
Venezia by Dave Scotese
This Real Dream by Leon
Might Be Worthwhile by saleha
The Woman Factor by Leserin
My spray paint by Dave Scotese
The Corner Market in my Neighborhood by Captain Vegetable
A Face to Avenge by Dave Scotese
Choose Wisely by Dave Scotese
Vive La France! by winona