Pro Athletes Council

Provide a sample article or a story idea for the Pro Athletes Council magazine.

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  • Ads - Arenas of will power.
  • Editing - Fix somebody else's lazy sloppy work.
  • Essays - Lazy college kids (and professors) pay you to do their homework.
  • Ghost Writing - You write. Somebody else's story. You get paid. They claim they did it.
  • Miscellaneous - Whatever you think somebody else might pay a writer for.
  • PR - Toot somebody's horn for money, though they'll complain about being shy and tell you you don't say enough about them.
  • Resumes and Bios
  • Screenplays - If we have to explain, you can't write them.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Copy - Website copy, for websites people need built or enhanced

Here are all our Pro Athletes Council submissions

Poetry of Hope from a Traditionalist Pen by Prometheus
An American Manifesto by marc.okon
my legacy by marc.okon
Chomsky VS Okon (excerpt of landmark series -The Internet Sessions) by marc.okon
Traveling With Cats by AshB22