Sunday, October 01, 2006

A cat in a box


There was at one time in history, a cat. There have been, are, and will be many more cats. However, this cat was special. This cat lay gold in the litter-box. Of course when his owners discovered that he pooped gold, they put him on the all-bran-diet.

This cats name was Golpher.  He was miserable, spending 23 hours a day sitting on his petute in the litterbox. The other hour was spent sleeping. While he spent his time in the litterbox, his owners became richer and richer. They started in a one room shack with an outhouse, but within a week they began construction of their new cottage. In a month they owned a four family house. In a year they lived in a gold mansion. However a life built on sh*t is a life of sh*t.

It was the month of September and Golpher had to fast for Ramadan. Instead of spending 23 hours a day in the litterbox, he only spent 1 hour a day. The mansion began to fall apart, and his owners kicked him out.

“You useless Cat!”  They declared while he skittered down into the wet gutter.  The grey skie’s billowed rain down as a wet sponge into a bucket.  Soaking an hungry Golpher began to walk slowly in the gutter, until he met the Jeweler. 

The jeweler was a kind old man, who found Golpher shivering on the street. He wasn’t a rich man, but he had a small cottage, and a warm fire. He took Golpher in and gave him a saucepan of warmed milk. Ramadan ended today, and so Golpher began to eat again.

The jeweler asked Golpher if he would be willing to live with an old man.  Golpher pured his confirmation, and the two lived happily together.  The Jeweler took olvers golden poo and made for him a golden collar, and was generous with Golpher.  golpher got to drink all the milk he wanted, and eat real tuna-not that bland bran his old masters gave him. 

One day the two companions went for a walk and passed by a shack. Inside he saw his two old masters bickering, and looking thoroughly unhappy. Golpher rubbed against his masters leg and the two walked into town to buy more milk.

The End

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