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A great new business for a global generation

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Every family has a collection of pictures and video footage celebrating major events in their lives. The idea is to combine all this separate footage and weave in new footage and interviews to create a specific full length family documentary. Until now the documentary domain has been used to celebrate the famous or newsworthy. The documentaries that we produce will celebrate the average family. For every wedding, bar-mitzvah, baptism, sweet 16 and the like people are hired to record the event. Normal everyday footage is recorded by families so memories may be saved for future viewing. There is no service where all this footage is intertwined with still pictures and new interviews to create personal or family documentaries.
Imagine if ken burns was hired to make family or personal documentaries for the masses.
I believe that the majority of families who could afford it and was aware that this option existed would take advantage of the opportunity.
Everybody wants to be remembered. The documentaries that we produce will be saved for future generations to learn from and enjoy.
In essence a script would be written to conform to the clients wishes on an individual basis. The documentary would have a narrator to explain what’s being viewed on screen.
The documentaries would range from simple to complex.
Some clients may want new footage of their ancestral homeland and interviews with many family members. Others may want a simple documentary concentrating on the core family unit. The beauty of this concept is that each documentary is a custom project fit to the client’s requirements

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