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A Letter to Daddy

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A Letter to Daddy   Copyright © 2007   Arthur, -the Author

From: Barbara Bush, Jr.   
To: Mr. George Bush, Jr., President of the United States of America
Re: Clemency

Dear Daddy,

    I am writing this letter to you in hopes that you will understand and forgive me for my wild behavior last weekend,
and to try to explain why both Mommy and Grandmother Barbara are mad at me.

    First, let me assure you that my recent party weekend across the border in Mexico was not as bad an incident as the newspapers first reported.  No, I did not do drugs.  I drank only cold Coronas, as I promised you I would. 

    Now, let me get straight to the point and explain what happened in the living room last night.

    Do you remember how Grandpa George likes to hog the TV remote control - like you do, like all men do?  And, how he changes the channel whenever it pleases him -without reguard for what Mommy, Grandma Barbara, sister Jenna, or I am watching? Well, last night I got even with him. 

    Yesterday, while I was upstairs in my room and grounded again at the White House, I got so bored that I took the electronic circuit board from the maid’s Robotic Roomba Floor Cleaning devise and put it in the TV remote control.
That’s when Mommy and Grandma Barbara yelled at me.  They were so mad, I thought they were going to hurt me.
But when Grandma and Mommy both said, “You are in so much trouble, even the president of the United States can
not help you now…”, that’s when I sat down to write you this letter.

Daddy, I did not expect Grandpa George to jump up and down like that.  Jenna and I thought it was funny that he kept right on pressing the buttons for an hour before Mommy and Grandma Barbara took the remote out of his hands.

Can you please call them and tell them I am pardoned?

Elctronically Signed
Your Daughter, Barbara Bush, Jr.

Ps.  No, I did not get another silly tatoo on my butt.  One likeness of Castro is all a girl needs.


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