Friday, October 21, 2011

A Star is Born!

Category: Humor/Satire

Obama enters his bedroom and looking at the clock; he notices there is still some time to go to bed. He beckons Michelle Obama by twinkling his eyes in the direction of the door to go outside. They come out into the lawn, dressed as baseball players. Michelle pitches to Obama and he hits hard, causing the ball to fly up to the US flag on the top of the building and knocking a star out it; this leaves behind 49 stars on the left side of the flag; the knocked-out star goes up into the night sky and then comes to a stand there. 

The same twinkling star is shining down on the earth and shows a telescope through which a researcher wearing glasses sees the star. He nudges famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking who is sitting in his wheelchair next to the researcher. Looking at the star in the telescope for a second, Hawking thinks for a second, and then starts typing on his computer with slight movements of his fingers.

Printers are printing Hawking’s new book. It’s now in a bookstore, showcasing many copies titled A Star is Born with the cover showing the photo of the twinkling star in the sky. People are busy buying and talking about the book.

The buzz spreads. David Letterman is talking to Hawking on his show. Letterman is laughing in his usual style and holding Hawking’s book, pointing to the star on the title cover. Obama is watching Letterman’s show and recognizing the star, stealthily looks at Michelle, who returns the look.

Barbara Streisand is walking angrily up to the book’s publisher and pointing a finger at the book’s title, also showing in her other hand a DVD of her movie of the same name A Star is Born, reminding the publisher of copyright and duplication. The publisher looks at the book, scratches his beard; then takes a marker and puts the sign ! at the end of the book title, making it A Star is Born! Barbara is satisfied and turns about to leave.

A NASA rocket is approaching the star, throwing a hooked rope to tow the star to the rocket and dragging it behind the rocket. The rocket lands on the white house. The star is fixed to the craft’s topmost part. Michelle Obama throws the ball and hits the star, making it hurl toward the US flag and back in its place from where it was knocked out by Obama. NASA team shakes hands with Obama and the Obama couple returns to their bedroom.

The same researcher with the glasses using the same telescope notices that the star is absent from the sky. He is very surprised and nudges Hawking and shows him the scene through the telescope. Hawkins twinkles his eyes, wondering what could have happened. Then he gets to his computer and starts writing his new book.

The publisher’s staff is recycling copies of A Star is Born! On the other side, printers are printing Hawking’s new book titled Why Stars Disappear. Barbara Streisand is seen again, driving her car past the publisher’s office. She looks at the publisher through the window. The publisher quickly gets up and rushes to the new book’s copies, taking a marker and putting ? at the end of the title, making it Why Stars Disappear? The ? sign is zooming and popping out of the book title, covering the view, while the rest goes blank.

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