Monday, August 11, 2008

A True Valentine

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I went to see her today. It was a whole lot easier than staying away. She didn’t say anything at all, just listened; like she always does. I told her the job I was doing wasn’t what I wanted to do. She only listened, not asking what my plans for the future were or even if I had any at all. I told her how my arms ached for her and tried to describe the hunger my lips had for her. I asked her to show me that she heard or understood where I was coming from. She didn’t give me any acknowledgement at all. I spoke of the many memories I had, our kisses and hugs, the dates we had and just hanging out. I spoke of what we had, those many years ago. I even wondered aloud, about our getting together again. I guess, that the walk was worth it. All the flowers, lovely hedges, and the statues of different religious symbols, made the cemetery a beautiful and quiet place. I think her’s was the best and loveliest of all.
Born: Feburary 14, 1956
Died: Feburary 14, 1982
‘A Truer Valentine There Never Was’

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