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AD/HD SUCCESS! – Confidence Boost to Children with AD/HD

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Loving Healing Press (Michigan), March 15, 2010 —Children with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) can increase their confidence and realize that AD/HD does not need to hold them back. Practical tools and examples for how parents, teachers, and children can work together to build success are now available in Kerin Bellak-Adams’ new book AD/HD SUCCESS! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem/The Diary Method for Ages 7-17 (ISBN: 9781615990245, Loving Healing Press, 2010).                 


Kerin Bellak-Adams has long been a teacher of children with AD/HD, including working one-on-one with them. In fact, her roots in AD/HD study go back to her father, Dr. Leopold Bellak, a world-renowned psychiatrist and a pioneer in studying ADD back in the 1960s. Bellak-Adams’ passion and her quest to help others has resulted in her writing “AD/HD SUCCESS!” which addresses how children can move past focusing on their AD/HD and instead instill in themselves confidence and self-esteem.

Designed for children ages seven to seventeen, AD/HD SUCCESS! provides multiple tools for children, as well as for parents, teachers, and school psychologists. The book’s primary purpose is to create in children a positive attitude and reassurance that AD/HD does not have to hold them back. The book accomplishes this goal with accompanying exercises and worksheets that teach time-management, communication, personal accountability, self-discipline, and how to tap into personal strengths. Reproducible diary pages and numerous exercises help children to develop self-awareness and courage.

In a recent interview, Bellak-Adams stated, “My hope is that children become more conscious of who they are and what they can achieve one day at a time. I also hope that these exercises will give them the determination to try harder at what is difficult in everyday life, while they slowly develop greater control over their social and academic skills.” In addition, Bellak-Adams has written the book so parents and teachers can assess and work together with children to lead them toward success—the workbook aspect of AD/HD SUCCESS! ensures that child, parent, and teacher can all be on “the same page.”

Well-respected by her colleagues, Bellak-Adams has already received rave reviews for her new book. Edward Hallowell, author of “Driven to Distraction & Answers to Distraction” says “AD/HD SUCCESS!” is “An excellent and practical workbook developed out of years of experience and caring. I highly recommend this workbook.” Theresa C. Cavanaugh, President of the Learning Disabilities Association of New York exclaims, “Finally, a book for the kids!...It’s just like having your own portable support group….it goes a long way in advocating understanding of AD/HD—what it is, and what it is NOT!!!” And Roy J. Boorady, Director, Psychopharmacology Service, NYU Child Study Center, states that “AD/HD SUCCESS!” is “a workbook that is an essential and comprehensive resource.” Pilot programs for integrating the book into parent/school partnership curriculum are underway in Israel and at the Cedars Academy in Austin, Texas. Contact the author to find out if your school qualifies for a pilot set of books.

About the Author

Kerin Bellak-Adams is accredited through ICF with an ACC certification and has years of experience as a highly respected coach, speaker, and expert on AD/HD. She has taught elementary school children with ADD and is the daughter of world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Leopold Bellak, a 1960s pioneer in ADD.. She is often compared to her father for being equally passionate and ambitious in helping others with AD/HD challenges.. Bellak-Adams’ overall goal is for people not only to gain a basket of concepts and strategies, but also to become independent as they absorb her passion, persistence, and patience.
“AD/HD SUCCESS! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem/The Diary Method for Ages 7-17” (ISBN 9781615990245, Loving Healing Press, 2010) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request call Toll free: 888-761-628.


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