Monday, November 23, 2009

Adieu Gubba!

Category: Issue 16

(On the death of Gubba, our pet dog, today November 23, 2009)

There you were, a few days back
When I visited home
Your unconditional fondness for me
Showed in your playful affection

How faithful of you
Loving and remembering those
For weeks and months while
They hardly thought of you, when out of sight

And now I hear you died today
Suddenly and helplessly
With no one to mourn you
No one to bury you and erect an epitaph

But I just want you to learn
Your love and loyalty have created
A place in my heart and mind
Where you will never die

Here you are adored
Remembered, and remembered with respect
I cannot wash of my mind
The soft look of your friendly eyes

This time when I visit home
You will not be there to leap on me
But when I’ll look at the empty lawn
I’ll find you there, invisibly



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