Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aging Gracefully

Category: Issue 17


I’m past me sell-by date, I know;
Me steps don’t spring,
Me cheeks don’t glow
and I have noticed every day
me toes are getting farther away
when I try to touch ‘em.

But I can choose the clothes I wear
from market stalls
~ and who would care?
Me navel piercing looks its best
beneath me lovely thermal vest
when chill winds blow.

Me stockings and me lacy garters
no longer grace me lower quarters,
But rest in drawers in bright arrays.
reminders of me past hey-days
as a dolly bird.

Me hot pants and me knee-high boots,
peroxide hair with its darker roots,
are now remembered with deep affection
along with me favourite Abba collection
in stereo on 45s.

Still in me heart there burns a fire
of girlish glee and sweet desire’
and love of life at any stage,
increased with every turning page
of me five year diary.


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